Name-brand labels and Goodwill locations can make all the difference

Welcome to week 10 0f my blog post. According to the class that I am doing this blog for, this will be my last assigned blog post. (Insert sad face). But who knows, I might show up every now and then for a little fashion blogging!!

This blog post is going to cover the best way to stretch that college budget: Goodwill thrifting!


This past weekend my roommate and I went on a little road trip (about 20 miles down the road from my school) to the Franklin, Tenn., Goodwill. There are several Goodwill locations that are closer, but we chose this one because of its location. Franklin is a wealthier city, so naturally, I assumed that the store was going to have some good name-brand items. And I was correct! This is one of my tips when it comes to thrifting. Choosing a Goodwill that might be a little farther away could be worth it in the end.

Another tip I have can be tedious but can definitely pay off. When I go to Goodwill, I like to carve out a quite large portion of time for my trip. This is because I literally look through most every item. Well, I don’t actually look at the item. I look at its label! While this might sound materialistic, it does produce results. Let’s be honest, Goodwills can contain some pretty nasty items. Looking for name-brand items can eliminate some of the uncertainly of where the item came from. Plus, name-brand items tend to be in better condition than other items.

Need a few more tips about thrifting? Here are some great links to another blog post about Goodwill and a Huffington Post article!

Here are a few of my most recent finds.

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I found a Gap floral button up, an a.n.a cream sweater dress, and a mustard colored trench/synched jacket from Old Navy!

Want to save even more? Check out this Goodwill page that list all of the discounts that are available. Besides the Tuesday student discount it offers, students can get 10% off every other day of the week too if there isn’t already another sale going on.

Now it is time for you guys to tell me about your Goodwill tips! What are your tricks to thrifting? Also, what has been your best Goodwill/thrift store find? Comment below!

Thanks for reading you guys! Until next time…

XOXO, Alex


Factory stores save college students money

Hey my fashion people!! This week has been something else… I am pledging a social club at my school and I’ve been busy to say the least but oh the memories I have made! All of my fellow fashionistas would be pretty disappointed in me this week. My fashion sense has gone out the window. Late nights and early mornings cause one to loose sight of what really matters- what you wear.

Have no fear though! I am still here to give tip No. 2 of some ways to save some money on a college budget!


Without a doubt, factory store shopping is one of my most favorite ways to save money. Some people think factory stores or outlet stores are SO last season but I say if it is cute, it is cute. There is no need to worry about when it came out or if it came out in the “real store” if you can make it work with your style! Here is an example!

Here is why one should consider an outlet/factory store.  A plain v-neck sweater from J. Crew Factory Store cost $34.50 (plus an extra 30% off through September 24th) whereas an almost identical plain v-neck sweater from J. Crew is $79.50 (with an extra 25% off through September 26th). Both sweaters can be rocked this fall so why spend the extra money just to be able to say, “It is from the real store.” Guess what, both are going to hold the same tag!!

*Disclaimer: sometimes factory stores do not honor student discounts. J. Crew Factory does honor it on certain occasions. If the entire store is a certain amount off, lets say 40% off, you cannot combine your discount. Here are the terms of conditions as listed on the J. Crew website.

I know this is a short post and I apologize for that! Hope you guys can still gain something from this!!

What are you all’s favorite factory store stories? Any good bargains you’ve seen lately? Help a fashion sister out!

Happy shopping until next week!

XOXO, Alex

College students find power in student ID discount

Welcome everyone!! Can I just take a quick second before I jump into this blog post to say how excited I am that it is almost fall!! Pumpkins, changing colors, cozy scarves and … NEW CLOTHES. Every changing season brings new trends and styles that I love trying to keep up with. Unfortunately, my bank account cannot always keep up with the ever-changing trends. This leads me to my first post (eekk!) and my first tip for you guys.

You know how some people say they want to stay in college forever whether it’s because of the parties, lack of responsibility or their awesome friends they do not want to leave? Well, I want to stay in college forever because of my student discount.


There have been a handful of times when I asked for a discount even if I didn’t think a place would have one, and what do you know? Student discount! Gift Card Granny list several student discounts by categories including clothing discounts, food discounts and entertainment promotions.

Another student targeted website (studentrate) allows students to shop via their website to receive cash-back rebates. How does this work, one might ask? You go to and select one of the featured places to shop under the “fashion” tab. Simply click on the store name and a new tab will open. As long as you shop through that tab, you will receive a cash-back rebate. After a certain amount of money accumulates, you can ask to be sent a check in the mail. Easy as that!

My favorite student discount is 15% off your purchase at J. Crew. While this might not seem like a lot, it typically has an excellent marked-down section that can be doubled with your student discount! It is double the savings!!

I hope you all have now learned a secret power of being a student. Get ready to whip out those IDs and flash them for the cashier so that you can start saving money!

How do you all save money when it comes to clothes or even food (who doesn’t like to eat for less)? Send me some feedback on yall’s tips and tricks!!

Happy shopping until next week!

XOXO, Alex