GMA Dove Awards bring fashion right to Lipscomb University’s campus

Welcome back to my blog! I thoroughly enjoyed my fall break that consisted of a long weekend at home and a little bit of shopping! But, I am back to the grind of schoolwork and extracurricular activities! One of the extracurricular activities I was able to participate in last week was helping a fellow student with part of her public relations practicum. I was able to do some PR (public relations) work for the 44th Annual Dove Awards, which were hosted at my very own school, Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tenn. It is awesome as a Lipscomb student to be able to say we hosted an awards show this well known.

Being around a lot of the artists allowed me to see some pretty amazing outfits and dresses! It was red-carpet fashion right at my backdoor. So, I am going to share with you guys my top four most favorite outfits! This was an awesome experience that so many college students got to participate in!


I will start with No. 4 and count down to No. 1.

 TobyMac+Backstage+44th+Annual+GMA+Dove+Awards+5aPAL85qUyZl Amy+Grant+44th+Annual+GMA+Dove+Awards+31-HUzpRFCXlNo. 4: Toby Mac. He definitely has his own style, and I love how he stays true to that from the red carpet to the stage. He won artist of the year and looked the part as he received his award.

Photo credit for left picture: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images North America via Zimbio

Photo credit for right picture: Rick Diamond/Getty Images North America via Zimbio.

No. 3: Tamela Mann. Tamela+Mann+Backstage+44th+Annual+GMA+Dove+7JJK42bqhqIlThis dramatic dress matched the dramatic performance she put on during the awards ceremony. Almost everyone was on their feet getting into the song as much as she was. The dress might have been well fitted, but it did not stop her from belting out her voice during her performance. (Here is a link to the performance!)

Photo credit: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images North America via Zimbio.

No. 2: LeCrae. LeCrae+Arrivals+GMA+Dove+Awards+iuSyKHzo9c_lLecCrae is well known for his many Christian rap and hip-hop songs. I was able to escort him during the pre-show time while he was wearing this festive jacket. He is not afraid to make a fashion statement (this jacket for example). He was a really nice guy and very down to earth.

Photo credit: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images North America via Zimbio.

No. 1: Jamie-Grace. Jamie+Grace+Arrivals+GMA+Dove+Awards+eX8KY_X-uOglI will admit that her while her outfit was not your typical glamorous red-carpet attire, she looked awesome in her structured maxi skirt. The tribal print of the skirt combined with the triangular necklace made for an awesome pairing. I really want to find a skirt like that now!!

Photo credit: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images North America via Zimbio.

Well, what do you guys think? Comment below and let me know which of the four you like the best! Thanks for reading and I will see you next week!

XOXO, Alex


How to use other fashion resources for a “new” outfit

Welcome to my blog this week! I am so excited that here in Nashville, Tenn., it is finally starting to feel like fall weather, which means I have already seen several pairs of cute boots that I want and tons of sweaters I must have! This week’s blog post is going to be a little bit different from the past four I have posted. Instead of giving shopping tips, I will be emphasizing the importance of using your resources when it comes to fashion and how to put together an outfit that you might already have hiding in your closet.


Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the sense that comes from buying something new and walking out of that store holding that bad tight with your head high! But, sometimes our college budgets restrict us from always going out and buying a new outfit. We have to be creative sometimes and make a “new” outfit from the depths of our tiny dorm closets.

I have two main sources I use for inspiration when I need a new outfit but my wallet is screaming, “Nope, not this week.”

No. 1: Fashion magazines


I recently subscribed to “InStyle” magazine, which might seem costly but it was not at all. It is running a special where you can get 26 issues for $1 an issue (subscribe here!) My bill was right around $29 total!

In the October issue there is an article about taking 16 key pieces from your wardrobe and making a months worth of outfits out of those pieces. I do not have all 16 of the pieces, but substiution works well (example: substituting a pair of high heels for some flats instead).  This is great- and cheap- way to put together “new” outfits while paying attention to the latest fashion trends.

A few other magazines I love are People StyleWatch and J. Crew Style Guide. People StyleWatch is running a special where you can get two free preview issues.  J. Crew’s Style Guide is always free, and you can pick that up in-store or have them send it to your mailbox.

No. 2- Other fashion blogs

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 2.50.08 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-09 at 2.49.39 PM

Yes, I just told you to go to other blogs for inspiration because guess what? I do! If you have not noticed, I have a blog roll on the right side of my blog of other blogs that I frequent and learn from. My two most favorite are and!

MakeupByTiffanyD includes not only fashion, but also makeup tips, home decode tips, nail tips, and more! She does YouTube videos, and I follow her Instagram. J’s Everyday Fashion is focused just on fashion. She post pictures she finds from Pinterest, J. Crew, Talbots and many other cites, and then she post a picture of herself wearing something she put together from her closet! She also lists where she got everything from and the price. For pricier items she lists similar options and links to where one could find that item.

Do you guys have any other blogs you follow that you would like to share?

See you guys next week!

XOXO, Alex