RetailMeNot app is worth the download

Well, it is the first week of October!! WAIT, did I just say that? There is absolutely no way we are entering the 10th month of the year! This year has just flown by! With only a short time left before Christmas (three months is a short time for my parents to start saving money for my Christmas presents hehehe) I am going to give you guys a little information today about an app for any smartphone that has rocked my shopping world. Let me just state, I hate downloading apps. I hate taking up space on my phone for something I am not going to use all the time. That being said, I love this app and HIGHLY recommend it for anyone who spends money. So, everyone!!


Now that I have talked it up enough, here it is: RetailMeNot. This app allows people to search for a wide variety of stores and see if there are any current offers or any redeemable coupons. The link above sends you to their website, which anyone can use as well, but the app is great because when you’re shopping and out and about, the app allows you to do what you can do on the website but on your phone!

2013-10-02 16.51.39This is how it works. You pull up the home page and have an option to either scroll through “Today’s Hot Deals” or simply search for whatever store you need a coupon for.

2013-10-02 17.09.52If you choose to search for a store, you type the name in and the app pulls up all the options for that search entry. Next, choose the store you are looking for, and it takes you to their page where you can choose if you are shopping in-store or online. Sometimes stores do not offer “in-store” coupons, but they have “online” coupons. I would advise to still check those online coupons out because most stores will still honor them if you happen to be in the store.

2013-10-02 17.10.00Once you find a coupon you want to use, just click on it and some form of a coupon will come up! Sometimes you just have to show your phone screen to the cashier and other times you might have to read the coupon code off. Either way, this app saves you money!

On Wednesday an article was released concerning regret and anxiety shoppers can feel if they realize they could have saved money somewhere down the line. The research backing this was conducted by none other than… RetailMeNot! You can go to the link above to read more about the research.

Don’t be those people who have to worry about money they could have saved. Save yourself from possibly having a nervous breakdown. Just download the app!

Would you take time to download this app? Please choose your answer in the poll below! See you guys next week!

XOXO, Alex