Christmas time fashion- the good and the bad

Tis the season… for tacky christmas sweaters and cute holiday outfits! I have made a video that sort of sums up last year’s Christmas outfits for me! I made it on this awesome website called Animoto. It is so easy to make a video and there are so many fun themes to choose from!!

Check out my video entitled “Last year’s Christmas fun!” below.

I hope you enjoy watching and maybe you will be inspired to make your own!

HAPPY DECEMBER TO EVERYONE! And Merry Christmast too!!

XOXO, Alex


Name-brand labels and Goodwill locations can make all the difference

Welcome to week 10 0f my blog post. According to the class that I am doing this blog for, this will be my last assigned blog post. (Insert sad face). But who knows, I might show up every now and then for a little fashion blogging!!

This blog post is going to cover the best way to stretch that college budget: Goodwill thrifting!


This past weekend my roommate and I went on a little road trip (about 20 miles down the road from my school) to the Franklin, Tenn., Goodwill. There are several Goodwill locations that are closer, but we chose this one because of its location. Franklin is a wealthier city, so naturally, I assumed that the store was going to have some good name-brand items. And I was correct! This is one of my tips when it comes to thrifting. Choosing a Goodwill that might be a little farther away could be worth it in the end.

Another tip I have can be tedious but can definitely pay off. When I go to Goodwill, I like to carve out a quite large portion of time for my trip. This is because I literally look through most every item. Well, I don’t actually look at the item. I look at its label! While this might sound materialistic, it does produce results. Let’s be honest, Goodwills can contain some pretty nasty items. Looking for name-brand items can eliminate some of the uncertainly of where the item came from. Plus, name-brand items tend to be in better condition than other items.

Need a few more tips about thrifting? Here are some great links to another blog post about Goodwill and a Huffington Post article!

Here are a few of my most recent finds.

0-2 0-3 0 0-1 0-4 0-5

I found a Gap floral button up, an a.n.a cream sweater dress, and a mustard colored trench/synched jacket from Old Navy!

Want to save even more? Check out this Goodwill page that list all of the discounts that are available. Besides the Tuesday student discount it offers, students can get 10% off every other day of the week too if there isn’t already another sale going on.

Now it is time for you guys to tell me about your Goodwill tips! What are your tricks to thrifting? Also, what has been your best Goodwill/thrift store find? Comment below!

Thanks for reading you guys! Until next time…

XOXO, Alex

Rent the Runway makes formals feasible for college students

Greetings from blog post No. 9!! It’s beginning to look a lot like… FALL! (Sorry if you were hoping for Christmas). I am so glad it is finally feeling like/looking like fall since it is already November! With that being said, fall season normally brings around semiformal on most college campuses. Mine is only a month away so it is time to start looking for the perfect dress!


A while back, I learned about a website called Rent the Runway. The company brings in thousands of designer dresses and lets people rent them for four days, or eight if you are willing or pay a little extra. Since a person is only renting them for a short period of time, the dresses only cost a fraction of what it would be to purchase the dress.

I don’t know about you guys, but I do not have a need to keep buying new formal dresses over and over again. Once I wear them, they tend to stay in my closet for good. This website allows me to find the perfect formal dress without spending too much money on something I will most likely wear once.

There are so many perks to this website.

If you are new to the site, you get $25 off your first rental. Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 4.16.37 PM

Another perk is that the company rents out accessories too! So maybe you already have the perfect dress but can’t seem to find the perfect glamorous jewelry to go with it. Rent the Runway has you covered.

One last thing I love, love, LOVE, about Rent the Runway is that it offers to send you a second size free of charge just in case the dress were to fit differently than expected. All you have to do is read the reviews and the size and fit notes to see if the dress tends to run small or big then pick your second size from there! This insures that you will have a dress that fits to wear for your event! AND IT’S FREE OF CHARGE.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 4.25.22 PM

P.S. For all the Gossip Girl fans out there, Rent the Runway has been featured on the show! Here are a couple links to articles about how Rent the Runway ties in with Gossip Girl! (Rent the Runway blog, Scope Magazine blog)

In a comment below, tell me about your opinion on renting vs. buying! See you guys next week!

XOXO, Alex

Sassy Steals serves trendy accessory deals

Greetings from week eight of my blog post! I hope everyone reading this is having a great week thus far and will have a great weekend too! I am amidst a fairly busy week, which will only make the weekend more satisfying! This week I will be blogging about one of my favorite websites that I get accessories from!


Once upon a time I stumbled upon this website called Sassy Steals. And I fell in love. This website is all about bringing you the latest accessory trends at a reduced price. Different vendors sell through it, and most prices are under $20.

Sometimes they have jewelry inspired by big name fashion designers such as J. Crew, Kate Spade and Tory Burch but for a fraction of the cost! For example, J. Crew has a mint green and light blue jeweled necklace that is currently on sale for $34.50 (regular $49.50). Sassy Steals is offering a necklace that is eerily similar to the J. Crew necklace but is only $8.99!  Below are pictures of the necklaces (J. Crew necklace on top, Sassy Steals necklace on the bottom).

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 9.01.36 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-28 at 9.01.52 PM

Something that is trending right now is fleece-lined leggings. I almost bought some at a boutique back home in Chattanooga, Tenn., for $24. Anthropologie is selling them for $18 and only have them in two colors.  Sassy Steals has some right now for $8.99 in five different colors!!

Added bonus: For people who have not visited the website yet, it offers a coupon for 10% off your first purchase!

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 5.46.21 PM

So, would you guys buy “knock-off” items to save some $$$? Let me know in your comment! See you next week for tip no. 9!

XOXO, Alex

GMA Dove Awards bring fashion right to Lipscomb University’s campus

Welcome back to my blog! I thoroughly enjoyed my fall break that consisted of a long weekend at home and a little bit of shopping! But, I am back to the grind of schoolwork and extracurricular activities! One of the extracurricular activities I was able to participate in last week was helping a fellow student with part of her public relations practicum. I was able to do some PR (public relations) work for the 44th Annual Dove Awards, which were hosted at my very own school, Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tenn. It is awesome as a Lipscomb student to be able to say we hosted an awards show this well known.

Being around a lot of the artists allowed me to see some pretty amazing outfits and dresses! It was red-carpet fashion right at my backdoor. So, I am going to share with you guys my top four most favorite outfits! This was an awesome experience that so many college students got to participate in!


I will start with No. 4 and count down to No. 1.

 TobyMac+Backstage+44th+Annual+GMA+Dove+Awards+5aPAL85qUyZl Amy+Grant+44th+Annual+GMA+Dove+Awards+31-HUzpRFCXlNo. 4: Toby Mac. He definitely has his own style, and I love how he stays true to that from the red carpet to the stage. He won artist of the year and looked the part as he received his award.

Photo credit for left picture: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images North America via Zimbio

Photo credit for right picture: Rick Diamond/Getty Images North America via Zimbio.

No. 3: Tamela Mann. Tamela+Mann+Backstage+44th+Annual+GMA+Dove+7JJK42bqhqIlThis dramatic dress matched the dramatic performance she put on during the awards ceremony. Almost everyone was on their feet getting into the song as much as she was. The dress might have been well fitted, but it did not stop her from belting out her voice during her performance. (Here is a link to the performance!)

Photo credit: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images North America via Zimbio.

No. 2: LeCrae. LeCrae+Arrivals+GMA+Dove+Awards+iuSyKHzo9c_lLecCrae is well known for his many Christian rap and hip-hop songs. I was able to escort him during the pre-show time while he was wearing this festive jacket. He is not afraid to make a fashion statement (this jacket for example). He was a really nice guy and very down to earth.

Photo credit: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images North America via Zimbio.

No. 1: Jamie-Grace. Jamie+Grace+Arrivals+GMA+Dove+Awards+eX8KY_X-uOglI will admit that her while her outfit was not your typical glamorous red-carpet attire, she looked awesome in her structured maxi skirt. The tribal print of the skirt combined with the triangular necklace made for an awesome pairing. I really want to find a skirt like that now!!

Photo credit: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images North America via Zimbio.

Well, what do you guys think? Comment below and let me know which of the four you like the best! Thanks for reading and I will see you next week!

XOXO, Alex

Game-day threads attract college students

Hello there, fellow fashion enthusiast! I hope you all are having a great week thus far! My week is almost over thanks to the much-anticipated one-day fall break! I am always on board for a long weekend at home because I tend to rope my mom into buying me some new clothes! Another weekend tradition at my house is to watch college football all day long. College football has really become a true “Southern” thing, and with its rise has come a new style.


This post is going to be dedicated to showing y’all two different options at two different price levels! The first option will be some DIY (do-it-yourself) crafts. The second option will have some links to a couple websites that have game-day gear on the cheaper end of the spectrum when it comes to cost!

No. 1- DIY options

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 9.08.06 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 9.10.56 PM

Every now and then I have the urge to get crafty and save some money in the process. It is always fun having a “Pinterest party” with my girlfriends where we spend all day crafting away at the Pinterest ideas we’ve seen.  I have seen two really cute college game day DIY’s that seem pretty easy and would fit in great at your most favorite teams stadium. The first DIY option is a ribboned game-day T-shirt that can be made from any old college football T-shirt! This link gives instructions on how to make the DIY T-shirt. The second DIY option is a game-day T-shirt dress. This one has been a real hit and some retailers sell them for around $60!! These two different links (link one, link two) give instructions how to make the T-shirt dresses. Sometimes it is easier to understand how to do something if there are different sources for instructions.

No. 2- Can’t make it? Buy it.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 9.05.55 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-16 at 9.05.41 PM

Sometimes we cannot always craft our way out of spending a little more money. In those cases we leave it to the professionals and buy the item from a store. I have done some searching around and found two sites that sell relevantly cheap game-day attire (as compared to some cites where dresses cost upwards of $70 to $100). Both of these links (link one, link two) will lead you to game-day attire! Also, the two links have other dresses, shirts, skirts and accessories other than game-day apparel! Most boutiques are now selling game-day apparel, so if you do not find something you like at these websites, you can always check out some local boutiques.

Speaking of game-day fashion, I would love to hear some stories about game-day fashion gone wrong. Comment about some not-so-hot outfits you have seen at games.

Have a great week and watch some football on Saturday!

XOXO, Alex

How to use other fashion resources for a “new” outfit

Welcome to my blog this week! I am so excited that here in Nashville, Tenn., it is finally starting to feel like fall weather, which means I have already seen several pairs of cute boots that I want and tons of sweaters I must have! This week’s blog post is going to be a little bit different from the past four I have posted. Instead of giving shopping tips, I will be emphasizing the importance of using your resources when it comes to fashion and how to put together an outfit that you might already have hiding in your closet.


Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the sense that comes from buying something new and walking out of that store holding that bad tight with your head high! But, sometimes our college budgets restrict us from always going out and buying a new outfit. We have to be creative sometimes and make a “new” outfit from the depths of our tiny dorm closets.

I have two main sources I use for inspiration when I need a new outfit but my wallet is screaming, “Nope, not this week.”

No. 1: Fashion magazines


I recently subscribed to “InStyle” magazine, which might seem costly but it was not at all. It is running a special where you can get 26 issues for $1 an issue (subscribe here!) My bill was right around $29 total!

In the October issue there is an article about taking 16 key pieces from your wardrobe and making a months worth of outfits out of those pieces. I do not have all 16 of the pieces, but substiution works well (example: substituting a pair of high heels for some flats instead).  This is great- and cheap- way to put together “new” outfits while paying attention to the latest fashion trends.

A few other magazines I love are People StyleWatch and J. Crew Style Guide. People StyleWatch is running a special where you can get two free preview issues.  J. Crew’s Style Guide is always free, and you can pick that up in-store or have them send it to your mailbox.

No. 2- Other fashion blogs

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 2.50.08 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-09 at 2.49.39 PM

Yes, I just told you to go to other blogs for inspiration because guess what? I do! If you have not noticed, I have a blog roll on the right side of my blog of other blogs that I frequent and learn from. My two most favorite are and!

MakeupByTiffanyD includes not only fashion, but also makeup tips, home decode tips, nail tips, and more! She does YouTube videos, and I follow her Instagram. J’s Everyday Fashion is focused just on fashion. She post pictures she finds from Pinterest, J. Crew, Talbots and many other cites, and then she post a picture of herself wearing something she put together from her closet! She also lists where she got everything from and the price. For pricier items she lists similar options and links to where one could find that item.

Do you guys have any other blogs you follow that you would like to share?

See you guys next week!

XOXO, Alex

RetailMeNot app is worth the download

Well, it is the first week of October!! WAIT, did I just say that? There is absolutely no way we are entering the 10th month of the year! This year has just flown by! With only a short time left before Christmas (three months is a short time for my parents to start saving money for my Christmas presents hehehe) I am going to give you guys a little information today about an app for any smartphone that has rocked my shopping world. Let me just state, I hate downloading apps. I hate taking up space on my phone for something I am not going to use all the time. That being said, I love this app and HIGHLY recommend it for anyone who spends money. So, everyone!!


Now that I have talked it up enough, here it is: RetailMeNot. This app allows people to search for a wide variety of stores and see if there are any current offers or any redeemable coupons. The link above sends you to their website, which anyone can use as well, but the app is great because when you’re shopping and out and about, the app allows you to do what you can do on the website but on your phone!

2013-10-02 16.51.39This is how it works. You pull up the home page and have an option to either scroll through “Today’s Hot Deals” or simply search for whatever store you need a coupon for.

2013-10-02 17.09.52If you choose to search for a store, you type the name in and the app pulls up all the options for that search entry. Next, choose the store you are looking for, and it takes you to their page where you can choose if you are shopping in-store or online. Sometimes stores do not offer “in-store” coupons, but they have “online” coupons. I would advise to still check those online coupons out because most stores will still honor them if you happen to be in the store.

2013-10-02 17.10.00Once you find a coupon you want to use, just click on it and some form of a coupon will come up! Sometimes you just have to show your phone screen to the cashier and other times you might have to read the coupon code off. Either way, this app saves you money!

On Wednesday an article was released concerning regret and anxiety shoppers can feel if they realize they could have saved money somewhere down the line. The research backing this was conducted by none other than… RetailMeNot! You can go to the link above to read more about the research.

Don’t be those people who have to worry about money they could have saved. Save yourself from possibly having a nervous breakdown. Just download the app!

Would you take time to download this app? Please choose your answer in the poll below! See you guys next week!

XOXO, Alex

T.J. Maxx’s middleman becomes shopper’s best friend

Happy first week of fall to my fashion-forward followers! I am so excited for this blog post! I am about to get your fashion senses tingling while maintaining that college budge of yours! Soooo… lets get started!!

As I was thinking of what I wanted to share with you guys this week I overheard some people talking about T.J. Maxx and it hit me! T.J. Maxx is a gem for the college student. I decided to swing by there on Tuesday (September 24) in hopes of finding at least one good steal to share with you guys. I was overly surprised when I found not one, but five great steals! All these steals I found are under 40 dollars and can all be utilized for the new season that is upon us.


I am going to start with No. 5 and work my way to No. 1!

5). Jessica Simpson leather wallet. 2013-09-24 15.27.13

After sifting through some odd colored clutches and a few over-priced wallets, I came across this dark tan wallet. Jessica Simpson’s line has been an up coming name for a few years now, and look at that price! At T.J. Maxx it is $12.99 as compared to $24.99 somewhere else. That is 50% savings, plus this wallet is a great fall color!

4). Nautica suede shoes. 2013-09-24 15.33.18Not only are these bad boys emerald –which according to Pantone is a color to watch this fall– but also they were on clearance which means ever more savings! These tasseled and roped flats are $20, as compared to $40 elsewhere. Again, that is 50% savings!

3). Cobalt blue Ralph Lauren dress. 2013-09-25 20.40.20This item was the priciest of the five “steals” I found, but it also rendered the most savings. I think this is a true gem because this dress can we worn casually or spiced up for a nice event. The color is a great in-between color so that you can wear it now, or wait and bust it out for spring/summer. This dress was originally $134 and was marked down to $39.99!! That is a savings of about 70%. If you need a new dress, head on over to T.J. Maxx. That is all I have to say about that!

2). Calvin Klein thick leggings/riding pants. 2013-09-25 20.43.28I am going to be honest, this was the hardest thing for me to turn down. I wanted so badly to get these pants, but I said no (for now!) These riding pants are $34.99. On the tag they are compared to $70, but on the actual Calvin Klein tag they are $79.50, making the real savings over 50%! (Read this article by Elle Canada about the in and outs of wearing leggings)

1). Columbia full-zip fleece. 2013-09-25 20.41.45HOLY COW, PEOPLE. Columbia is a huge name brand when it comes to fall/winter outwear and here they are at T.J. Maxx offering a jacket for $24.99, regularly $60!! The selection was quite large and contained six different colors, some vibrant and some neutral. This would be a great gift for someone (or for yourself) and a great price. If you are looking for a coat, do not turn this opportunity down!!

If these steals of deals didn’t get your fashion heart racing, then you are on the wrong blog! Happy gem searching!

Have you had success at places like T.J. Maxx? Please share your experiences!

XOXO, Alex

Factory stores save college students money

Hey my fashion people!! This week has been something else… I am pledging a social club at my school and I’ve been busy to say the least but oh the memories I have made! All of my fellow fashionistas would be pretty disappointed in me this week. My fashion sense has gone out the window. Late nights and early mornings cause one to loose sight of what really matters- what you wear.

Have no fear though! I am still here to give tip No. 2 of some ways to save some money on a college budget!


Without a doubt, factory store shopping is one of my most favorite ways to save money. Some people think factory stores or outlet stores are SO last season but I say if it is cute, it is cute. There is no need to worry about when it came out or if it came out in the “real store” if you can make it work with your style! Here is an example!

Here is why one should consider an outlet/factory store.  A plain v-neck sweater from J. Crew Factory Store cost $34.50 (plus an extra 30% off through September 24th) whereas an almost identical plain v-neck sweater from J. Crew is $79.50 (with an extra 25% off through September 26th). Both sweaters can be rocked this fall so why spend the extra money just to be able to say, “It is from the real store.” Guess what, both are going to hold the same tag!!

*Disclaimer: sometimes factory stores do not honor student discounts. J. Crew Factory does honor it on certain occasions. If the entire store is a certain amount off, lets say 40% off, you cannot combine your discount. Here are the terms of conditions as listed on the J. Crew website.

I know this is a short post and I apologize for that! Hope you guys can still gain something from this!!

What are you all’s favorite factory store stories? Any good bargains you’ve seen lately? Help a fashion sister out!

Happy shopping until next week!

XOXO, Alex